Sonicor SoniChem 129 Copper Cleaner and Brightener, Pail of 5 Gal.

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Selecting the proper chemical to use in your ultrasonic cleaner is an important part of every successful ultrasonic cleaning application. Unlike many industrial cleaning agents that address specific contaminants and substrate materials, but may have components that actually inhibit ultrasonic cavitation. SoniChem ultrasonic cleaning agents are specially formulated to enhance the ultrasonic activity in any ultrasonic cleaner. There’s a SoniChem product for almost every ultrasonic cleaning application, and our Sonicor applications engineers are always ready to discuss your application and recommend the appropriate SoniChem product.

Sonichem 129 is a copper oxidation cleaner and is best suited for cleaning tarnish, light oils, grease, dust, and dirt off of copper, copper alloys, plastics, ceramics glass, and graphite

  • Name: Copper Cleaner and Brightner
  • Item# 129
  • Description: Liquid , acidic oxidation remover/cleaner
  • PH: 2.0-3.0
  • Application/Compatibility: Copper, Copper alloys, plastics, ceramics, glass, graphite
  • Contaminants: Tarnish, light oils, grease, dust, dirt
  • Concentration: 1 part to 8 parts water
  • Temperature: 100° – 120°F

    SoniChem 129 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

    *The picture displayed is for visual example purposes only. The exact product will differ depending on the size and the SoniChem solution ordered. 

    *This product can only be shipped within the continental United States

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