Elma S350R 15 gal Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner, 115V 60Hz, 105 8453

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The Elmasonic S 350 R ultrasonic sieve cleaners can be used for various laboratory applications. Special ultrasound modes ensure optimum results independently of fill level. 

Sieve cleaning:

The test sieve is loaded with the sieve holder for sieve cleaning. The special "sieve cleaning" function switches back and forth between two ultrasound modes and causes active strong impulses with simultaneous independence from the fill level. The process can be designed standardized and repeatable and is thus ideal for defined laboratory applications. The use of a residue-free rinsing cleaning agent afterwards can be required for cleaning in food laboratories. Elma lab clean N10 (not a hazardous product) is tried and tested for this.

HPLC solvent degassing:

Elmasonic S 350 R „Lab Technology“ - the latest ultrasonic technology for the cleaning of analysing sieves, the degassing of HPLC solvents and the processing of samples. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic modes and special predefined programmes assist every standard laboratory and cleaning application. Sieve analysis as a standard process in the analytical laboratory or in the food and environmental laboratory works perfectly only if the particles are removed from the sieve to the last grain. Sieve cleaning process:

The analyzing sieve supported by the sieve holder is placed into the ultrasonic tank. The special „sieve cleaning“ programme uses two ultrasonic modes alternatingly which creates powerful cleaning pulses and leads to perfect cleaning results. HPLC solvents are degassed in Erlenmeyer flasks or in solvent bottles. The HPLC flask or bottle is immersed into the tank filled with water and some surface-active agent. The special Degas mode degasses the liquid reliably within approx. 30 minutes. The gas is „collected“ to form large bubbles which are taken to the surface and then out of the liquid in short operating breaks. The Degas mode can also be used for the degassing of samples in the food sector, e.g. for the removal of carbon dioxide. Another feature is the ultrasonic mode „sample prep.“ for standard applications such as mixing, dissolving, cleaning, etc.


  • Special programs for cleaning of sieves and sample preparation
  • Special efficient Degas mode (gas lift-out effect)
  • High-performance 37 kHz transducers
  • Ultrasonic tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel with height tabs
  • Usable Ø range for sieves up to 500 mm
  • Turning knob for setting continued and short-period operation from 1 to 30 min
  • LED display for both pre-set and actual temperature and for the remaining operating time
  • 1/2“ ball valve on the unit back
  • Detachable mains cable

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Warranty: Comes with 2 years Manufacturer's Warranty

     Model Voltage Tank Size Capacity Frequency
    115V 60Hz 24" dia. x 9.8" ht
    15 gal. 37khz 

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